Edited Book: "Recent Trends in ‘Computational Omics: Concepts and Methodology".

(Nova Science Publishers-USA; ISBN: 978-1-53617-941-5)


Chapter 1 :Integrative Omics: Current Status and Future Directions

A. Yadav, S. Vishwakarma, N. Krishna, P. Katara

Chapter 2: Database Resources for Computational Omics

A. Kumar, K. Sinha

Chapter 3: Algorithms in Bioinformatics


Chapter 4: Recent Trends in ‘Computational Transcriptomics’

P. Katara, N. Krishna, A. Yadav, S. Vishwakarma

Chapter 5: Single-Cell Rna Sequencing Technologies and Computational Analysis

I. Khatri

Chapter 6: Computational Analysis of Metabol(Om)Ic Networks

S. Balaji

Chapter 7: Immuno-Informatics- Computational Trends in Immuno-Oncogenomics

M. Verma, A. M. Lynn

Chapter 8: Omics in Cancer: From Diagnostics to Therapeutics

S. Maurya, V. Chandel, S. Raj, A. Upadhyay, C. Tandon, D. Kumar

Chapter 9: Role of Computational Network Approach in The Area of Cancer Clinical Research

R. Singh, A. Som

Chapter 10: Bioinformatics Resources for The Prediction of Cancer Prognosis And Its Recurrence

A. Haldar, K. Yadav, P. Katara, A.K Singh

Chapter 11: Computational Metagenomics: Current Status And Challenges

S. Kanchan, R. P. Sinha, J. Chaudière, M. Kesheri

Chapter 12: Integrated Omics For Dissecting Host-Pathogen Interaction: Challenges And Opportunities

R. Kumar Pathak, D. B. Singh

Chapter 13: Development And Analysis Of Simple Sequence Repeats In Chloroplast Genomes Of Genus Saccharum: A Computational Study

S. Kumar, K. Kumari, A. Singh, K. Kumar, A. Singh, A. Shanker