Integrative Omics: Concepts, Methodology, and Application


1st Edition - April 1, 2024

Editors: Manish Kumar Gupta, Pramod Katara, Sukanta Mondal, Ram Lakhan Singh

Paperback ISBN: 9780443160929

 eBook ISBN: 9780443160936

Integrative Omics: Concepts, Methodology and Applications provides a holistic and integrated view of defining and applying network approaches, integrative tools, and methods to solve problems for the rationalization of genotype to phenotype relationships. The reference provides systemic ‘step-by-step’ coverage that begins with basic concepts from Omic to Multi Integrative Omics approaches followed by applications and emerging and future trends. All areas of Omics are covered, including biological databases, sequence alignment, pharmacogenomics, nutrigenomics and microbial omics, integrated omics for Food Science and Identification of genes associated with disease, clinical data integration and data warehousing, translational omics, technology policy, and society research. This book covers recent concepts, methodologies, advancements in technologies and is also well-suited for researchers from both academic and industry background, undergraduate and graduate students who are mainly working in the area of computational systems biology, integrative omics and translational science. 

Edited Book: "Recent Trends in ‘Computational Omics: Concepts and Methodology". 

(Nova Science Publishers-USA; ISBN: 978-1-53617-941-5) 


Chapter 1 :Integrative Omics: Current Status and Future Directions

A. Yadav, S. Vishwakarma, N. Krishna, P. Katara

Chapter 2: Database Resources for Computational Omics

A. Kumar, K. Sinha

Chapter 3: Algorithms in Bioinformatics


Chapter 4: Recent Trends in ‘Computational Transcriptomics’

P. Katara, N. Krishna, A. Yadav, S. Vishwakarma

Chapter 5: Single-Cell Rna Sequencing Technologies and Computational Analysis

I. Khatri

Chapter 6: Computational Analysis of Metabol(Om)Ic Networks

S. Balaji

Chapter 7: Immuno-Informatics- Computational Trends in Immuno-Oncogenomics

M. Verma, A. M. Lynn

Chapter 8: Omics in Cancer: From Diagnostics to Therapeutics

S. Maurya, V. Chandel, S. Raj, A. Upadhyay, C. Tandon, D. Kumar

Chapter 9: Role of Computational Network Approach in The Area of Cancer Clinical Research

R. Singh, A. Som

Chapter 10: Bioinformatics Resources for The Prediction of Cancer Prognosis And Its Recurrence

A. Haldar, K. Yadav, P. Katara, A.K Singh

Chapter 11: Computational Metagenomics:  Current Status And Challenges

S. Kanchan, R. P. Sinha, J. Chaudière, M. Kesheri

 Chapter 12: Integrated Omics For Dissecting Host-Pathogen Interaction: Challenges And Opportunities

R. Kumar Pathak, D. B. Singh

Chapter 13: Development And Analysis Of Simple Sequence Repeats In Chloroplast Genomes Of Genus Saccharum: A Computational Study

S. Kumar, K. Kumari, A. Singh, K. Kumar, A. Singh, A. Shanker